Multiple commands in Sublime Build System

A little note on the build system integrated in Sublime. If you have multiple commands to execute during a build (for instance minifying your js code, and generating the documentation) your can do it quite easily on Windows, but it took me a while to find the equivalent on Mac, so here is the relevent (simplified version) part of my build system:

"windows": {
    "shell": true,
    "cmd": [
        "python", "", "compress", "&;"
        "python", "", "doc"
"osx": {
    "shell": false,
    "cmd": [
        "sh", "-c", "python compress && python doc"

Notice the difference between Windows and OSX. On Windows, you simply add an additional “&;” parameter which will separate the commands, but on OSX (I guess it would be the same on Linux) it doesn’t work. The only way I found to execute multiple commands was to directly call sh with the -c option and put all my commands in a single string. The commands are then separated by a && sequence.

Oh and also shell must be true on Windows, but false on OSX, else nothing runs.

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