Kubuntu install checklist

Since every single fucking time I dare update Kubuntu, some things suddenly break down (sound, various drivers, Bluetooth, whatever) I end re-installing from scratch. Most of the time it works out of the box, but sometimes, things just don’t work, like the application launcher no longer opens when I press the Meta key or whatever. […]

Swig typemaps cheatsheet

The documentation of SWIG is pretty extensive, but there isn’t a single point that document all available macros / substitution mechanisms available while writing a typemap. It’s a nightmare to find what you’re looking for when you’re not already really familiar with it, so to save myself and maybe a few others from early hair […]

Linking against a static Qt5 build using CMake

The previous post was the script I use to statically build Qt5 on Windows, but the real fun part is then linking an application using that version ! Here is the part of the CMake script I’m using (as usual, for reference) For the moment I only build a basic Widgets application. As I use […]

Qt5 static Windows build script

To avoid loosing the script I use to build Qt 5 on Windows, here is the latest version I’m using. Note that I’m compiling using Visual Studio 2019 and I disable things I don’t need to try to minimize build time. Edit 2019-10-17: Removed accessibility and harfbuzz

Overwrite all git commit’s author

As a little post-it, here’s a script to amend author’s name and email of all commits of a repository. Use with care, it will override all commits, no matter what the original author is. Credit: https://stackoverflow.com/a/750191/913135

Visual Studio 2017, CMake and launch settings

Long story short, documentation for CMake related features in Visual Studio 2017 sucks. It’s scattered among a ton of blog post where most of the code samples are outdated or contain errors. Here is an example launch.vs.json that I’m using for reference:

Building & Debugging Blender with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open source and multiplatform IDE for code editing (and compiling, debugging, etc.) available here : https://code.visualstudio.com/ I wanted to see if I could build, run and debug Blender using this IDE, and the anwser is : yes. Here is how to do it. Edit: Updated the scripts and configuration of […]


Deux petites vidéos pour deux WE de grimpe, avec : Renversement Dialectique (7a) La Memel (7a+) Free Hug (7b) Noir Désir gauche (7b) Dark Room (7a+)

Apremont Ouest

Beau ciel bleu et grosse collante pour un après-midi à Apremont. Et quelques belles croix : Tailler en Pièce (7a) Onde de Choc (7b) Fleurs de Rhum (7a+) Crazy Horse (7b) Starring Carlos la Machina, Chukky le sac à pouf cool, et moiself.