Swig typemaps cheatsheet

The documentation of SWIG is pretty extensive, but there isn’t a single point that document all available macros / substitution mechanisms available while writing a typemap. It’s a nightmare to find what you’re looking for when you’re not already really familiar with it, so to save myself and maybe a few others from early hair […]

Linking against a static Qt5 build using CMake

The previous post was the script I use to statically build Qt5 on Windows, but the real fun part is then linking an application using that version ! Here is the part of the CMake script I’m using (as usual, for reference) For the moment I only build a basic Widgets application. As I use […]

Qt5 static Windows build script

To avoid loosing the script I use to build Qt 5 on Windows, here is the latest version I’m using. Note that I’m compiling using Visual Studio 2019 and I disable things I don’t need to try to minimize build time. Edit 2019-10-17: Removed accessibility and harfbuzz

Overwrite all git commit’s author

As a little post-it, here’s a script to amend author’s name and email of all commits of a repository. Use with care, it will override all commits, no matter what the original author is. Credit: https://stackoverflow.com/a/750191/913135

Visual Studio 2017, CMake and launch settings

Long story short, documentation for CMake related features in Visual Studio 2017 sucks. It’s scattered among a ton of blog post where most of the code samples are outdated or contain errors. Here is an example launch.vs.json that I’m using for reference:

Building & Debugging Blender with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open source and multiplatform IDE for code editing (and compiling, debugging, etc.) available here : https://code.visualstudio.com/ I wanted to see if I could build, run and debug Blender using this IDE, and the anwser is : yes. Here is how to do it. Edit: Updated the scripts and configuration of […]


Deux petites vidéos pour deux WE de grimpe, avec : Renversement Dialectique (7a) La Memel (7a+) Free Hug (7b) Noir Désir gauche (7b) Dark Room (7a+)

Apremont Ouest

Beau ciel bleu et grosse collante pour un après-midi à Apremont. Et quelques belles croix : Tailler en Pièce (7a) Onde de Choc (7b) Fleurs de Rhum (7a+) Crazy Horse (7b) Starring Carlos la Machina, Chukky le sac à pouf cool, et moiself.

Compiling ICU with Visual Studio 2013

In my previous post on how to build Qt on Windows, I explained how to build Qt for Windows, using Visual Studio 2010 and prebuilt ICU libraries. If we want to build Qt with Visual Studio 2013, we’ll need to build ICU ourself, and here’s how : Download ICU sources from here : http://site.icu-project.org/download Unzip […]