Building Qt from sources on Windows

Building Qt is not in itself difficult. But building Qt on Windows, and with QtWebkit can become quite the challenge. So here is a little tutorial on how I did it. Configuration First of all, you’ll need a lot of stuff correctly installed. Keep in mind that the paths to the following tools should appear […]

Scope based execution of arbitrary code with C++11

Imagine the following peace of code (which is really simple for the sake of the example :) The basic idea here is that you need to maintain the integrity of a states’ stack in a loop. But what happens if you have some tests that allow to break, continue or return : Wrong. You didn’t […]

Userfriendly Qt5 Types in Visual Studio Debugger

If you’re using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 Express with Qt, you can’t use the Qt Addin, but you might still want to have user friendly Qt types showing in your debugger. Luckily this is quite easily achieved : Download the qt5.natvis file from the Qt Git repository. Make sure you have the following folder […]

Build boost as static libs for Visual Studio 2012

Following is a small script that I use to build a few static Boost libraries in 64 bits for Visual Studio 2012, and with iterator debugging turned off. :: build the bjam and b2 exe if not exist “b2.exe” ( bootstrap.bat ) :: build boost with visual 2012 toolset. :: – static lib :: – […]

Multiple commands in Sublime Build System

A little note on the build system integrated in Sublime. If you have multiple commands to execute during a build (for instance minifying your js code, and generating the documentation) your can do it quite easily on Windows, but it took me a while to find the equivalent on Mac, so here is the relevent […]

Application-wide shortcuts with wxWidgets (on Windows)

Another programming note, this time about wxWidgets and application wide shortcuts. Before going further, I want to state that I’m using the MSW version of wxWidgets. So maybe Gtk or other implementations don’t suffer from the same problem at all. In any case, keep in mind that I’m talking about the MSW implementation of wxWidgets […]

Add scripting to your tool with Lua

It’s been a while since I last wrote a programming article! I’m working on a big visual fx tool for my company, and I recently started to think that it would be nice to be able to script it. For example, create a small script to convert all texture paths of the effect from absolute […]

ImageViewer version 0.8 : drag & drop et plein d’autres !

Au menu de cette nouvelle version, de gros changements. Le plus gros changement vient du code : j’ai implémenté un système qui permet de récupérer les évènements qui se passent sur le disque dur, et de pouvoir enregistrer divers “écouteurs” sur ces évènements, qui reçoivent donc ensuite de manière automatique des évènements du style “ce […]